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 QUICK PAY for Windows
QUICK PAY ~ Malaysian Payroll & Human Resource

Quick Pay is a user-friendly Malaysian payroll & human resource (HRMS) management software designed to suit Malaysia labour law. It provides Easy Data Entry, Simplified Flow and incorporated with Internal Power Reporting tool - plus Data Exchange capabilities to popular Windows word-processors and spreadsheets applications.

QUICK PAY (Payroll) Features: 
Multiple Company, Multi-user & Network access, Real-Time Data Update, Auto EPF, SOCSO, TAX computation,  EIS, user define Overtime & Shift rates, Monthly/Daily/Hourly Payment, Salary Prorate, Leave Management, Bonus Computation, Gratuity, Voluntary EPF, Government Reports & Diskettes, Management Reports, Built-In Report Generator, Auto-Bank Diskette Submission, Data Import & Export Feature, Global Change Fields, Password Security, Audit Trail, Employee Photo, Database Merging, Database Exchange, Foreign Currency, Service Point, Arrears, Minimum Wage, ONLINE Web Banking, E-Mail Payslip, E-Mail CP8A/CP8C, E-Mail PCB2, webSPACE,...etc

QUICK STAFF (Human Resource) Features: 
QUICK STAFF, an effective tool to manage your Employee Historical Information & Human Resource needs EASILY and EFFICIENTLY! It provides Quick-&-Easy storage & reporting system on employees' historical information. It allows an unlimited record storage of 17 Easy-to-Use Human Resource modules that fully integrates and compliments QUICK PAY. Modules included are Accident, Achievement, Appraisal, Benefit, Career Development, Discipline, Education History, Events Planner, Family Detail, Insurance, Leave Detail, Non-Paid Leave Detail, Skill, Training, Working History, Picture Library, Others (user define).
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Quick PAY / STAFF Ver 7.1

Existing customers MUST use ONLINE UPDATE feature within program. Do not use this download.

Product Highlights
27 years of Excellence in Payroll & Human Resource solution since 1993
Trusted by 3,800+ Malaysian corporate users
Over RM 80 million monthly salary paid out using QUICK PAY
Endorsed by LEMBAGA HASIL DALAM NEGERI on tax computation
E-mail Payslip
E-mail CP8A
E-mail PCB2
 QUICK TMS for Windows
QUICK T.M.S. ~ Time Management

Quick TMS (Time Management System) has been specifically engineered to satisfy both simple attendance monitoring & complex 24-hours rotating shift environment. It provides extensive facilities to allow definition of employee working patterns using Time Zone logic control. Exceptions on employee's expected working hours are highlighted, including lateness, early leaving, unapproved overtime and absence. Payable hours are calculated and finally transferred to QUICK PAY - Payroll system.

Time Management Features:
Multiple Company Management 
Multiple User with Network access
Real-Time Data Update
Multiple working Time-Zone Recognition
Conditional Allowance/Deduction
Bar-Code,Magnetic,Proximity,Finger Scan Technology
Direct & Remote-Site Data Polling
Automatic Overtime, Leave, Shift
Holiday & Working Calendars
Comprehensive Attendance Reports
Password Security & Control
Audit Trail
Bar-Code ID Generator
Operates with/without Clock Hardware
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Quick T.M.S. Ver 5.0 (03/10/2019)

Existing customers MUST use ONLINE UPDATE feature within program. Do not use this download.

Time-Clocks Supported

Incorporated with 80+ clock formats such as barcode, magnetic, proximity, MiFARE, finger scan, palm scan, and face recognition. Buy direct from Manufacturer & Save !

 HR2000 e-Office :: e-Leave / e-Claim / webSPACE
E-OFFICE e-Leave / e-Claim / webSPACE
Version 2019

HR2000 e-Office (Leave/Claim systems) is a web based Employee Self-Service (ESS) system that simplifies the process flows of planning, applying and approving of leave & claim management.

Handling all types of leaves & claims, it empowers your employee and department heads to self manage application and approval flow anytime, anywhere. Now, you can save time without messy forms, improve employees’ satisfaction, and reduce administrative cost.

Leave application, time-off application, powerful leave ruling, multi-level approval, calendar view, file attachment during application, e-mail notification, e-mail reminder, company logo & banner, bulletin board, E-Storage module, mobile login, lost password, etc.

E-OFFICE webSPACE (ESS module) is a self service facility that enables employees to access their E-payslip, E-CP8A/E-CP8C and E-PCB2 documents directly from a secure web site. It also lets Human Resource departments to upload & share corporate bulletin files to your employees within a secure and convenient storage website.

e-Payslip, e-CP8A, e-CP8C, e-PCB2, password protected PDF documents.
Easy & direct upload from QUICK PAY payroll system.

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Product Highlights
Trusted by 300,000+ online users...
Protected & monitored by UpTimeRobot, R1Soft, WinSCP, Firewall, RAID1, Avast, Comodo SSL
Secure SSL connection (encrypted data transfer)
Your data is safely hosted, backup & fully managed in HR2000 dedicated server with MSSQL.