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Malaysian e-Payroll, e-HR, e-Time Management, e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Appraisal systems

HR2000 i-Payroll (WEB-BASED) is a fully integrated system of Malaysian e-Payroll, e-HR, e-Time Management, e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Appraisal. It streamlines your daily HR operations while enabling managers and employees to independently manage attendance, leaves, and claims.

HR2000 became a trusted name in Malaysian Payroll and HR management software system by delivering value through our time-tested and people-proven product and service within some of the most recognized organizations.

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Payroll and Human Resource Solutions we Offer...

HR2000 i-Payroll (web-based) simplifies the processes of e-Payroll, e-HR, e-Leave, e-Claim, e-TMS and e-Appraisal. Employee Self Service allows employees and department managers to apply and manage leave and claim transactions.

Quick Pay (Windows) is a user-friendly Malaysian payroll and human resource (HRMS) management software designed to suit Malaysian labour law. It provides Easy Data Entry, Simplified Flow and incorporated with Internal Power Reporting tool - plus Data Exchange capabilities to popular Windows word-processors and spreadsheets applications.

Quick TMS (Windows) has been engineered to satisfy both simple & complex attendance monitoring including 24-hours rotating shift environment.

E-OFFICE e-Leave / e-Claim (web-based) modules are Employee Self Service systems to simplify the process of planning, applying and approving of leave & claim management. While, WebSPACE module lets employees access their e-payslips, e-CP8A, e-CP8C, e-PCB2 forms directly from a secure website.

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